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Holistic classical horse training, individual advice & training for people with horses

Menorquinstute im Schulterherein mit Reiterin Julia Häge, Klassisch Reiten, Vertikal Reiten

Classical training & riding lessons

No matter in which riding discipline or in which area you would like to be active in the future, the classical riding teachings form a solid foundation and thus the basis for everything else. 

Weißer Wallach in Handarbeit mit Julia Häge, Mobilisation, Klassische Pferdeausbildung

Work in Hand

Whether with young horses, older, unridable horses or as a variation in training, work in hand forms such a valuable  part of classical training. 

A horse is of such beauty that nobody ever gets tired of looking at it when it shows itself in its glory.

About me & my philosophy

My passion is horses. Why?

They have shaped me significantly and made me what I am today. For me there is no better teacher of life than a horse.


My strength is that I know the conventional FEI riding system very well, as well as having transitioned to classical riding. 


So I'm familiar with many problems that the modern training system presents and I'm able to use classical gymnastic techniques to work on the natural asymmetry and to solve mental as well as physical barriers.


Every horse is wonderful just as it is and it fills my heart to develop each one in such a way that it can show itself with all its unique characteristics in its fullest pride and glory. 

My aim is to help horse owners to avoid mistakes and enable them to be an understanding partner for the motivated horse in the long term.

Weißer Wallach in Traversale geritten von Julia Häge, Klassische Reitkunst, Reiten in Balance, Gesunde Pferdegymnastizierung
Schwarze Menorquinstute mit Julia Häge, Pferdebetreuung, Klassischer Beritt

"Julia has been with us since October 2019. She rides Kohinoor regularly twice a week and tells me in detail what they have been working on.
She has a very calm, clear and sensitive way of working with the horses. I enjoy riding lessons with her, she can empathize very well and gives understandable helps, commands and explanations.
Kohinoor has become strong, has got a proud stance and we can finally hold a line in collected canter, but more importantly: ride on afterwards in collected walk! Only a year ago, Kohinoor practically ran away from me (especially in canter), we both had no common balance and I was desperate. Now, 8 months later, we have a great basis, we find our common balance, the canter feels finer and lighter.

I finally enjoy riding again!

Thank you Julia for your commitment and support!"

— Kohinoor & Lucia, Horse Osteopath

Andalusierwallach im Galopp geritten von Julia Häge, vielseitige klassische Pferdeausbildung

"For almost half a year, we have been working with Julia regularly 1-2 times a week. My now 6-year-old Bandolero was very nervous under the saddle at the beginning, because unfortunately the breeder also used German reins and similar methods when starting to ride him. So for the first two months we worked exclusively by hand until we returned to work under the saddle. Meanwhile Bandolero remains calm when mounting and can be worked concentrated in all three basic gaits and all side gaits. His mind has become much more relaxed, he hardly ever hits his head when riding and is developing magnificently. Both, her riding and riding lessons with Julia are very valuable for us. She tries to answer all my questions in detail, we write a small online horse diary together and she takes care of Bandolero very lovingly and reliably in my absence".

— Bandolero & Manuela

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I look forward to your call or message!
During our first telephone call or when we get to know each other personally, I look forward to learning more about you and your horse(s).
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