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Junges Pferd bei klassischer Handarbeit mit Julia Häge München

Classical horsemanship, quotations & literature recommendations

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One can only understand the enormous value of classical equitation by looking at the history of equestrianism. Where does the modern riding system come from? What existed before? Which riding styles and riding masters existed where, when and why? What were their characteristic teachings?

Later you will find more about the history of classical equestrianism, the teachings of the various old masters and literature recommendations.


To shorten the waiting time I would like to share my studies with is a collection of wonderful quotations which guide us to a good direction. I tried to translate them into English as best as possible.

  • Hand without a leg, leg without hand. (Francois Baucher)

  • The walk is the mother of all gaits. (Francois Baucher)


  • The horse's mouth is the barometer of its body. (Francois Baucher)


  • The lightness of the mouth precedes the lightness of the whole horse. (Salomon de la Broue)


  • Never forget that the forward movement is the soul of horsemanship and the impulse for it comes from the hindquarters. (Louis Seeger)


  • So both, giving the neck and making the hindquarters flexible, go hand in hand. (Gustav Steinbrecht) 


  • The art of riding is to put the horse dancing. (Manuel Jorge de Oliveira)


  • Riding is not sitting pretty on a horse. (Manuel Jorge de Oliveira)


  • For the horse only two things count: the essential and the genuine. (Manuel Jorge de Oliveira)


  • The rider should never lose a day with his horse - for the horse a day is much more than for us because their life circle is so much shorter than ours. (Manuel Jorge de Oliveira)


  • Riding has to do not only with physical abilities but also with erudition and therefore also with knowledge and intelligence. A good rider needs a good character, so it is also about mentality and spirit. (Charles de Kunffy)


  • Riding does not mean rushing for success in front of the audience! Riding is the everyday dialogue with the horse in solitude and means the common striving for perfection! (Nuno Oliveira)


  • Give the horse the posture (which it needs to perform) and let it grant! (Nuno Oliveira)


  • If your horse makes a mistake, look to yourself for the cause. And if you don't find it, look harder. (Egon von Neindorff)

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