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Pferd in Flexion, Abkauübung

May your horse be your trusted friend,
not your slave.

Rappstute in Mobilisation mit Julia Häge, Klassische Arbeit and der Hand München

Training of Horse & Human

I am pleased with every horse, regardless of its breed, age, training or general condition, as well as every horse-human team. Also behaviorally sensitive quadrupeds are welcome!


No matter in which riding discipline or in which area you would like to be active in the future... the classical riding teachings form a solid foundation and thus the basis for everything else.


Since the horse is not by nature ideally designed to carry a rider, such a foundation is of particular importance. It enables the horse to be able to work with and carry a human being, both physically and mentally, without suffering of any health damages. It also builds mutual understanding and trust.  


In my work with horses and humans the following aspects are especially important to me:

Security, mutual respect and understanding, health, joy, common development and goals, an holistic approach and self-reflection


Our fundamental goals should be:

mobility, verticality, lightness, balance


Get in touch with me if you would like to know how you can keep your horse permanently motivated and healthy by means of holistic classical training. 


I'm primarily training in the South/Southwest of Munich. I'm also happy to travel further for day or weekend courses. To inquire about prices and dates or if you have any other suggestions, please contact me.

Rappstute im Schenkelweichen, Seitengänge, Klassisch Reiten


It gives me great pleasure to pass on my knowledge and experience to you as follows below:

! Currently also telephone consultation / video / online lessons possible !

Holistic advice on horse accommodation, feeding and training

Over the years I have been able to accumulate a lot of valuable knowledge and additionally build up a helpful network of well versed horse experts for different fields.

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